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We’re incredibly excited to announce that Aviv Bliwas has been published in the NAELA (National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys) Journal titled “Why We Are Failing Family Caregivers”. Take a quick second to check it out here!

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Our Practice Areas

  • Medicaid Planning Attorney
  • Veterans Benefits Attorney
  • Estate Planning Attorney
  • Probate Attorney
  • Trust/Special Needs Trust
  • Power of Attorney
  • Advance Directives
  • Caregiver Agreeements
  • Wills

Why choose our Harrisburg Elder Law Attorney?

If your family matters require legal assistance in Pennsylvania, you need to turn to a knowledgeable and experienced Elder Law Attorney. Don’t risk your family’s finances and well-being when you can work with a professional to navigate legal issues. Aviv Bliwas and Family First Law has experience in elder law, family law, Medicaid planning, and Estate Planning, and is adept at handling cases involving Medicare, Social Security, and Veterans benefits. Whether you’re writing a will, or dealing with plans for an elderly relative, we can provide you with the expertise you need to manage your family’s affairs. No matter what kind of legal case you’re dealing with, you want to choose a lawyer who has dealt with that kind of case before and who is able to empathize with the client.

Family First Law is trained specifically to work with the legal needs of seniors as well as their families and have insight into the types of tools and resources that will best serve their clients. They use a holistic approach, often working with professionals in other elder care professions and taking into account the key issues facing seniors, from housing to health care to estate planning. We know the issues that the elderly community faces and knows how to dispel misconceptions surrounding aging and disabilities. Schedule a consultation today to learn about the work the firm has done for other senior citizens and what they can do for you and your family.

Aviv Bliwas, Elder Law attorney in Harrisburg, PA, recognizes that seniors and their families deserve to be respected and kept informed about the legal issues that most concern them. Aviv works closely with her clients and offers legal advice with an eye to improving the overall well being of senior citizens and their loved ones. With that philosophy in mind, Aviv Bliwas, Harrisburg Elder Law Attorney, serves seniors in elder law areas such as:

  • Guardianship
  • Medicaid help and Medicare planning
  • Veterans’ benefits
  • Social Security and Social Security Disability
  • Retirement planning
With over 40+ raving reviews, you won’t be disappointed.