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Self-Made Wills: Worth the risk?

Many often wonder if self-made wills are valid. In short, yes they can be valid. However, in creating a will without the guidance of an attorney, costly mistakes and errors can be made. One of the most common mistakes is the incomplete or unclear distribution of assets. For example, if you state that Person A gets everything, but later in the document also indicate that Person B gets a specific item. This simple mistake could end up causing a dispute.

How to Talk to Parents about becoming Power of Attorney

This will be the last in my series of having tough conversations. Last month I gave some advice for parents who want to make sure their children understand their wishes and what to do when the time comes. This month is for children, who see their parents getting older and want to make sure they do what their parent would want when that parent is no longer in a position to tell them.

Our Age of Mis-Information

You know, I wish I could say it surprised me how often people give me the wrong information but it no longer does. Some people think they know what they’re talking about but really don’t. Some are simply too lazy to verify information but too insecure to simply tell you they don’t know the answer to something. And I don’t know which type of person I have been running into lately, but it has made me more and more concerned for all of you. Because I’m talking to people who work for the government agencies who run the programs I’m asking questions about and the people who work there are giving me wrong information! And not