Ch-ch-ch-Changes (turn and face the strange)

David Bowie’s lyrics are really speaking to me today as every day seems strange and full of changes. It’s probably become familiar now, instructions to do one thing followed by new instructions to do the opposite thing one week later. We are following the changes as they may affect our clients and trying to keep up. As always, the best thing to do if you have a specific issue is to give us a call. We would love to hear from you! Lauren misses people interactions so much she’s adopting a new kitten this week, so she’ll have two cats to talk to from quarantine. Aviv has not only forgotten the date and the day of the week, but she was recently spelling her own name to someone and forgot (just for a second!) how to spell it. We hope you are all doing well and staying safe. We are here for you. We have found hand sanitizer and we have a person “on the inside” who can let us know when toilet paper is being delivered to a local store. We know people making masks. We know things right now are particularly hard on many of you because you are the most at risk, so if have a problem of any kind, not just the legal kind, let us know and we will try to fix it.

On to the most recent changes

  1. Remember how I told you to get stimulus money out of a Medicaid recipient’s account immediately? Yeah, that’s already changed. New guidance has been issued that anyone on Medicaid or SSI will not be disqualified due to stimulus money making their account go over. You have 12 months in which to spend that stimulus money and get the account back down below the limit before adverse consequences. Again, questions about this, just give us a call.
  2. Stimulus payments to people who are deceased. Official word has come down that those payments are to be returned. The how and where is on the IRS website:
    This link takes you to the IRS FAQ on stimulus money and how to return payments information is Question 41 (at the very bottom).
  3. The Pennsylvania Courts have announced a “wider reopening.” It is still not business as usual, but a gradual reopening to all legal issues, not just emergencies.
  4. Much of what we do is allowed to go on as an essential service under the Governor’s clarification a few weeks ago regarding legal services, no matter how long Cumberland County stays red. We are still working remotely as much as possible and are still offering phone and video appointments in addition to limited in person appointments.
  5. Postal Service mail is still questionable so you should try to email or fax documents if possible. If not, you can come to our office or we can come to your house (no additional charge).
  6. Long term care facility cases have been on the rise in our area for the last few weeks. We expect this trend to continue for a time. If you are concerned about someone in a long term care facility, feel free to reach out us, we have some ideas on how to advocate even remotely (we may be doing an upcoming webinar on this topic, we will let you know if that gets scheduled).