Background On Our Latest Newsletter

As you can see, we are re-starting the paper newsletter which we have not put out in over a year. For those of you who have been with us a while, you’ll notice some changes. We have brought it in-house, so it may not look quite as nice… but, boy, did it get expensive to do it! So that’s why we brought it in-house and why we haven’t done it in so long. We are going to try to keep it up regularly, but we also put it out by email. If you aren’t getting our emails, check your spam—we know it goes there sometimes. We also post the content on our blog, so you can always check the website.

Other than that, we don’t have much to report. Just like all of you, we are living our best pandemic lives which means we spend a lot of time at home reading books, watching TV and cooking and have had to cancel 4 planned vacations (between Lauren and myself) and countless other fun things we were looking forward to. We remind ourselves that this won’t last forever and eventually we will get to take those vacations.
Like all of you, we are really looking forward to the end of 2020 which has had some real personal tragedies for us, in addition to the pandemic. We are hoping for better things for all of us in 2021.

My Feel Good Story

When I first opened my own practice, I quickly realized I knew absolutely nothing about running a business. One of my early business coaches was the one that encouraged me to do my semi-regular newsletter. Those of you who have been with me awhile, know the content has varied over the years but one thing I have never included, that my business coach encouraged, was a “feel-good moment.” This was supposed to be a story of how my business helped someone. That’s awfully hard to do when you are an attorney and trying to protect client confidentiality, so I’ve never included those stories, although there have been many.

This is obviously a very long lead up, to my very first “feel-good moment” without violating any client confidentiality. It’s not so much a moment, but a service. If you’ve been with me a few years, you may remember the launch of my client maintenance program a few years ago. This is a yearly program all our clients have the option to sign up for that keeps us in touch to make sure your estate planning continues to meet your goals and, if it doesn’t, make any needed changes.

As those who have been with us since the beginning can attest, that program has come a long way, baby! We’ve been fine-tuning and tweaking that program the past couple of years into something I’m really proud of today. This past year, as we’ve been meeting with our maintenance clients, as we went through our checklist, every single one of them needed an update. To me that means our program is working. It means we are asking the right questions, following a good checklist (created by our office) and that being in our maintenance program means you are much more likely to have an estate plan that works the way you want it to, and less likely to have any unhappy surprises in the future.

Why does that make me feel good? Well besides the obvious of creating a program that I believe works, it makes me feel good because I think I’m preventing future stress and anxiety when some huge life-changing event happens to my maintenance clients. Because let’s face it, something will. We all die, so eventually, these clients will need to put that estate plan to use. And more than half of us will need long term care, and my maintenance clients are also in as good a shape as they can be in, if that happens. I know those are sad things to think about, but I am happy to know that when something like that happens, at least my clients won’t have to worry about their estate plan being wrong, or paperwork that never got signed. They’ve got one less thing to worry about and that has always been the guiding force of this office. They get to focus on what matters.

If you’re an existing client of mine and want to hear more about our maintenance plan and all its extra benefits (many of which I haven’t listed here), please contact our office. One great thing about our program is that the annual maintenance fee is locked in for our existing maintenance clients. That means, if you’re a maintenance client for the next 6 years or the next 60 years, your annual fee will never go up. That’s one of the benefits. Those annual fees are going up in 2021 for all new clients, so this is your last chance to enroll in this program at the original program prices. We want you all to be with us for a very long time to come and being in our maintenance program means we get to hear from you at least once a year!