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Our Practice Areas

  • Medicaid Planning Attorney
  • Veterans Benefits Attorney
  • Estate Planning Attorney
  • Probate Attorney
  • Trust/Special Needs Trust
  • Power of Attorney
  • Advance Directives
  • Caregiver Agreeements
  • Wills

Probate Lawyer in Harrisburg, PA

Probate actions can be among the most emotional and important legal matters of all. When an estate holder passes, it’s often left a surviving spouse, child or family representative to deal with the remaining affairs of probate and administration. Often times, the executor of the will, family member or family representative doesn’t even live locally. Aviv Bliwas, Harrisburg Probate Attorney, offers complete services for help your family handle probate matters efficiently, including dealing with creditors, closing outstanding contract obligations, transfer of assets and other administrative matters.

  • Guardianship over a person of minor age and over an adult
  • Conservatorship over the estate of a minor child
  • Litigation involving contested guardianship or conservatorship status
  • Contested will litigation
  • Disputes and litigation involving trusts and fiduciary duties of trustees
  • Contested powers of attorney
  • Contested advance health care directives

Who needs a Probate Attorney in Harrisburg, PA?

Probate is the court process by which estate get settled, and can be incredibly lengthy and filled with complex words that most people won’t even understand, which makes it very easy to become overwhelmed. It’s not surprising that many families and estate executors turn to Probate lawyers to handle any probate issues that come up during this complicated time and process. The truth is Aviv Bliwas, Harrisburg Probate Attorney, is an experienced probate expert with a strong portfolio, able to handle the vast majority of probate issues, and often times the entire process. Sometimes legal documents such as deeds or disclaimers must be prepared during probate in order to fulfill the last wishes of the deceased individual, or to help the heirs properly arrange their inheritance. When there is a business involved, the assets are usually complex enough to benefit from a Harrisburg probate attorney’s guidance. The lawyer can ensure that the right legal documents are in place for transferring or dissolving ownership. We understand the decision in choosing the right Probate lawyer in Harrisburg, PA is tough, but Aviv Bliwas has the experience to help you from the beginning to the end. Take a few minutes to read the raving testimonials directly from our clients!

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